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Nikolai Von Mort



The Von Morts were a nefarious lineage. No one truly knows how they came to be or how far back their ancestry went, but the name was well-known in the Roman lands long before the Middle Ages. Even with the division of the three distinct principalities—the Bulgarians, Cumans and Turks—the family was not so powerful during the Ottoman empires. The Von Mort name has been around for a long time, starting with the name Ivan Von Mort, Nikolai’s great ancestor.

Like Nikolai, the Von Mort males were born into power. They were birthed like any other child, from two parents, but the father was never truly mortal. Their blood housed a gene that altered after death. While alive; however, they ruled their kingdom like any other king. They cared for their realm, but their tolerance for disobedience was limited and the punishment was always brutal. They were smart and wickedly shrewd in keeping their kingdom around longer than most empires. Their empire lasted for a millennia, while being passed down to the next child in line. Yes, the Von Morts roamed this land like any other mortal but when they died, they rose as masters to some and monsters to others.

The Three—Ciprian, Fane and Stannis—the oldest living vampires, had been around to witness each Von Mort’s rebirth as vampires. Not one that rose with the name could ever be controlled by the elders. They were an unruly, vicious clan. The Three let them be, to roam as they saw fit. Never have the Von Mort’s actions been transcribed; the tales would have been too dark and bloody. But as time changed and societies evolved no longer could vampires live as freely as they once had.

When The Three were able to tread above ground before their fear of being attacked by rebel vampires for all the wrong they had done, they would track down any new Von Mort vampire. They would give two options: come with them or be killed. Von Mort or not, any newborn could not challenge and win against an elder vampire. Many of Nikolai’s linage choose death; the others were taken against their will to the underground Citadel.

As told by history, most vampire lineages did not last as long as Nikolai’s, but they weren’t as special either. Some say the Von Mort blood was mixed with a powerful entity. This was a great secret that, even until this day, Nikolai was not even aware of. No one knows the real truth. Some say they were bred to simply kill, and that is precisely what they did. Never did one seem to live longer than two centuries at a time, this is until Nikolai came along.

If it were not for his cohort Brayden, his approved mentor by The Three, Nikolai would have followed the same fate as his kin before. But then again, Nikolai’s tale is like no other vampire that roamed this land.